ChordBuddy Proves Controversial With Guitar Playing Purists ChordBuddy Reviews are Mixed

Survey says, mixed ChordBuddy reviews.

ChordBuddy has met with some mixed reviews from guitar players and teachers and from people who have tried the product.

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A lot of people are describing ChordBuddy as another “Guitar Hero” that is to say anyone can bang a chord out of a guitar without any knowledge of theory and musical notation. “Guitar Hero” is a computer game and ChordBuddy sells itself as a fast track guitar playing system. The purists cannot conceive how it is being sold as a valid teaching method for the guitar.

One criticism is that it does not teach notes only chords and while this is no doubt a valuable aid, it teaches a very limited aspect of guitar playing and does not allow the hands and fingers to adapt to making the shapes that are needed to play the instrument properly.

The following quotes are opinions taken from various internet forums:

“You may be asking yourself now, “What is chord buddy?” It is nothing more and nothing less than a way to turn a perfectly good musical instrument into a mostly worthless autoharp. It is “Guitar Hero” in a box. I’m usually not a violent person, but Chord Buddy should die…a lot.”

“Thanks for introducing me to this vile device, I must say.”

“There is all type of aids available to help you learn. I give lessons; Have had students come to me that had been using This ChordBuddy tool. It helps you learn chords sure, but not the transitions, for quick smooth playing, Had to break them from this tool quickly. Learning your basic chords, A_B_C_D_E_F_G you can play over a thousand songs and never learn more than these. If you are looking to become a guitar player you should take lessons.”

“Not everyone will need the Chord Buddy system to learn, and remember it teaches only chords, not notes. I see this tool as something lazy people might use to take away some of the frustration that goes with learning a new instrument, but why would people with real commitment to learning bother?”

“ChordBuddy,  Guitar Hero controller  / cheater.”

“Why not have an automatic strumming device too? No need for guitar players at all then.”

The consensus is that ChordBuddy does nothing to develop technique or style and is just a lazy cheat’s way to make a noise from the guitar. The point of view seems to be if you are frustrated because you have to take time to learn the guitar properly, or give up because your fingers hurt, then you are not suited to playing the instrument anyway. Chord Buddy it seems is not taken seriously by musicians and indeed it is hard to imagine a violin teacher even considering inventing a device to help violin students.

ChordBuddy will not suffer too much from the reviews of the purists, as it is a mass appeal product that has clear benefits. There will always be people looking for a quick answer, who will be first in line for a product of this type and this is ChordBuddys market. These customers are unlikely to progress beyond strumming with ChordBuddy but that is their choice. Those who are challenged with mobility of the fingers will find ChordBuddy beneficial, therapeutic, and satisfying.

ChordBuddy will lead you to playing a guitar in a fashion, but then you still have to leave the gadget behind you and learn to play for real if you want to be a real guitar player.  So it would seem that there are mixed ChordBuddy reviews so far.  Click here for Free Guitar Lessons

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