ChordBuddy To Appear on ABC Shark Tank

Things are very exciting at ChordBuddy at the moment because ChordBuddy To Appear on ABC Shark Tank. The team is praying against negative reviews. They are making a pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank this Friday Feb. 3rd. Travis Perry will be perfecting his pitch and the back up team will be ensuring all of the facts and figures are to hand in order to achieve the perfect pitch to the Sharks. The exposure alone that ChordBuddy will receive on the show is a marketing coup beyond price and will do much to promote the product in the public’s eyes whether or not an investment is forthcoming.

ChordBuddy To Appear on ABC Shark TankShark Tank is a show where successful company owners invest their own money into entrepreneur’s ideas taking a percentage of the company and offering financial investment and knowledge to the fledgling entrepreneurs.

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However, they are completely lethal and if you do not have your facts right or they feel you are wasting their time, then that is it – you are ruthlessly dismissed by the panel of Sharks with the words all entrepreneurs dread to hear, “I’m Out”.

With a product like ChordBuddy, there seems little danger of the Sharks not liking it as the product as it has mass-market appeal and will give a good return to investors. ChordBuddy also has a range of accessories that mean for the Sharks, there is more potential as customers will return to buy more advanced songbooks, instructional videos and accessories making the ChordBuddy brand a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar. The product range runs from the basic ChordBuddy system and instructional DVD and songbook to the various ChordBuddy combos, which include the guitar as well.

Chordbuddy is a device that attaches to the neck of the guitar and is colour coded for each of the chords. All that needs to be done by the player is push one of the coloured buttons on the Chord Buddy and begin to strum away. It is that simple and you can be playing the guitar in just one day. Better still; the system is one that you can work through on your own without a guitar teacher as ChordBuddy gives you everything you need to know about in one simple system. The company admits it is a bold claim but they say, “You won’t find a better way to learn to play the guitar anywhere else!”

Travis Perry a guitar teacher of over 30 years standing designed this revolutionary device and named it ChordBuddy. He then designed a complementary teaching method. Perry knew there had to be an easier way for his pupils to pick up the basic chords and begin to play quickly, so he devised the world’s best guitar playing system Chord Buddy. Perry had seen hundreds of pupils from kids to seniors, become frustrated in the first few months of taking lessons. He hated to see people giving up on their dreams of making music and wished there were a device you could put onto a guitar to give people the feel of playing guitar and making music quickly by pressing a few buttons. When his daughter declared she had become frustrated and did not want to learn the guitar anymore, he put his wish into action and came up with the ChordBuddy.

The ChordBuddy has universal appeal and is a perfect gift item for anytime of the year for birthdays, to say thank you to a musical friend or for Christmas, Mothers Day, or Fathers Day. Anyone would be delighted to receive a ChordBuddy if they were learning guitar or a combo set including the guitar as well, especially when you can be playing a tune and singing along in just a day or two and be fully competent in two months.

The Shark Tank is back this season with over $6.2 million of the Shark’s own capital to bankroll what they think are the most creative, innovative products and ideas with potential to give a return on investment. In the past, this show which has versions running in many different countries (it is called Dragon’s Den in Europe) has made household names of products that have been on the show and it is a launch vehicle bar none for the entrepreneur who could otherwise not afford national TV advertising. It takes a lot of nerve and confidence to perform in front of the Sharks but if you keep your cool and have your facts and figures on the tip of your tongue, there is a very good chance you could take your product to the next level and be the next multi million-dollar business.

The owner and chairman of HDNet, billionaire Mark Cuban, owner and chairman of HDNet, Lori Greiner, an inventor of retail products and referred to as the “Queen of QVC,” will join the show as a guest Shark investor for three episodes. The other Sharks are real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, technology innovator Robert Herjavec, fashion and branding expert Daymond John and venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary.

The panel of five Sharks will hear pitches of the best business and product ideas from some of America’s brightest entrepreneurs, ranging from start-ups from stay-at-home moms and dads, to simple yet brilliant ideas in a wide range of areas including children’s products, music, sports, automotive, and even the nightclub scene.

The entrepreneurs who enter the “Shark Tank” have to convince the tough, self-made, multimillionaire/billionaire tycoons to part with their own hard-earned cash and give them the funding they need to jump-start their business ideas and take them to the next level. It is a two way street however and the Sharks have a goal, too. They want a return on their investment and own a piece of the next big business idea.

In exchange for the Sharks’ cash investment, the entrepreneurs give up a percentage of their companies’ equity. When the Sharks hear a great idea, they are ready to fight each other for a piece of it. Then the entrepreneur can have his choice of Shark as the Sharks are then fighting each other in the water for a piece of the action and the entrepreneur chooses the Shark of his choice.

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We all wish ChordBuddy the very best of luck and will look forward to tuning in on Friday 3rd February to see ChordBuddy on air and wish Travis Perry well in his quest to achieve a Shark’s investment. Don’t forget to choose ChordBuddy in the reviews survey on the ABC webpage

ChordBuddys Sharks reviews To Appear on ABC Shark Tank on Friday Feb 3rd.

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